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My camera died…

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Really dead. D.E.A.D.
I’ve got a really cool Canon EOS 400D camera and made loads of cool pictures while I was in America. Unfortunately it fell, onto the Golden Gate Bridge while biking there. The poor thing did work, but I couldn’t see anything on the LCD Monitor. It was like having a film-camera again!
And than, three weeks later, on our flight to Hawaii (Yeah I know!) it totally broke down. The, now really poor, thing doesn’t do anything. At all!Luckily for me, I’ve got insurance for my precious camera, so I can get a new one if this one can’t be fixed. Tonight it’s going to the camera-doctor for a check-up (more a full-body scan LOL).
Hopefully the can give me the results very soon and give me my camera back! I’ve got a point-and-shoot thing from my parents right now… And it isn’t the same…

And bad luck comes in three? Our laptop died also. It is already to the laptop-doctor, hopefully they can fix it… Not sure about it. Luckily I recently I removed al the important stuff and burned it on dvd’s.

Number three was when I hit another car (just the tire, so no big damage) with my car. My green/yellow-ish monster has some scratches on the bumper. The other car is fine, hasn’t got any damage! (Pfieuw!)

Some fun stuff:
I’m going to do some (quite a lot) scrapshopping! First Saturday I’m going to the nearest shop {Scrappoint} they know me by name, that I like tea and that I’ll be in the shop for an hour or two (or three..). Totally love it there! I might go to another {shop} on Sunday, but I’m not really sure. It a long drive (like two hours that’s long in Holland, you can be half way the country by than! LOL) but I’ll see!

Oh and by the way:
The day before yesterday and yesterday I made cupcakes! My colleagues liked them. And hopefully my dear BF does to! Photos will follow a.s.a.p.


It is suppose to be a scrapblog

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But due some circumstances I didn’t scrap in a while.
(I have to dig trough 1500(!) photo’s from my road trip in southwest USA with my BF! Unfortunately I can’t print them all out!). Thursday will become a full scrapnight and Sunday there is some serious (srap)shopping to do!
Let me introduce you to me:
My name is José. During my roadtrip I booked all the hotels and every time we checked in the asked my BF if he was mister José. NO! My name is José, it’s a girls name here in Holland! Yeah that’s where I live. Still with my parents but this October I’m gonna move with my BF to a cute Maisonette (a two-story apartment) in my hometown.
The J as in Juice stand for my introduction on {SIS}
My name is pronounced like J as in Juice (see!) and than just the Oooh followed by ssss and than A (like eeh). And now you have the Dutch version of José! 🙂
{Jody} came up with the Juice part! Loved the idea so here you are!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So my first blog is about cupcakes!

This Friday my BF (Mark) and me are 6 years together! M. is not getting me anything (he’s not really a romantic, he knows the date but he just not think of getting me a card or flowers or something. *Sigh*
I spend all my salary (and future salary for the next 4 month *LOL*) on our big road trip to the USA so no big present to give! And hey, it’s all about the gesture right?
I’m gonna make him a bunch of cupcakes! I was surfin’ (do you call it surfing on the internet, in America too?) for some good recipes and found {this} What a great technique!, {this} and good old {Martha}


Off to work again… (Work at a company that designs and distributes playgrounds and playing and sports-stuff like swings, slides, soccer- (and field hockey, and all-kinds-of-other-sports) goals and balls etc. etc.)
Tonight I’m gonna shop for some cupcakes goodies and start making my first cupcakes ever! *Wish me luck!*

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