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My camera died…

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Really dead. D.E.A.D.
I’ve got a really cool Canon EOS 400D camera and made loads of cool pictures while I was in America. Unfortunately it fell, onto the Golden Gate Bridge while biking there. The poor thing did work, but I couldn’t see anything on the LCD Monitor. It was like having a film-camera again!
And than, three weeks later, on our flight to Hawaii (Yeah I know!) it totally broke down. The, now really poor, thing doesn’t do anything. At all!Luckily for me, I’ve got insurance for my precious camera, so I can get a new one if this one can’t be fixed. Tonight it’s going to the camera-doctor for a check-up (more a full-body scan LOL).
Hopefully the can give me the results very soon and give me my camera back! I’ve got a point-and-shoot thing from my parents right now… And it isn’t the same…

And bad luck comes in three? Our laptop died also. It is already to the laptop-doctor, hopefully they can fix it… Not sure about it. Luckily I recently I removed al the important stuff and burned it on dvd’s.

Number three was when I hit another car (just the tire, so no big damage) with my car. My green/yellow-ish monster has some scratches on the bumper. The other car is fine, hasn’t got any damage! (Pfieuw!)

Some fun stuff:
I’m going to do some (quite a lot) scrapshopping! First Saturday I’m going to the nearest shop {Scrappoint} they know me by name, that I like tea and that I’ll be in the shop for an hour or two (or three..). Totally love it there! I might go to another {shop} on Sunday, but I’m not really sure. It a long drive (like two hours that’s long in Holland, you can be half way the country by than! LOL) but I’ll see!

Oh and by the way:
The day before yesterday and yesterday I made cupcakes! My colleagues liked them. And hopefully my dear BF does to! Photos will follow a.s.a.p.

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  1. Awww….so sad….

    But now you can UPGRADE! YES!

    Reactie door Sarah — 27/06/2008 @ 13:28 | Beantwoorden

  2. Ciao!
    Tenx voor je BB’tje! De hertjes zijn stempels uit de nieuwste kit van De Creatie. Maar ze zijn gewoon nagetekend van de nieuwe Sassafras lijn hoor!(Het papier met hertjes heet ‘Fawnd of you’…)
    Tsja, ik weet niet waar de kersjes blijven?? Ik vrees het ergste!! Of zou het gewoon pruimentijd zijn?? Of komkommertijd?? Dat de kersentijd gewoon nog niet is aangebroken??

    XXX R@ die je blog errug leuk vindt!! 😉

    Reactie door R@ — 01/07/2008 @ 13:13 | Beantwoorden

  3. Hi!

    Bedankt voor je blogberichtje!
    En hoe ik dat strikje zo strik? Da’s puur geluk, het lintje is aardig dik, denk dat het daardoor komt.

    Groetjes Hanneke

    Reactie door Hanneke — 07/07/2008 @ 14:30 | Beantwoorden

  4. I am feeling very sorry for u 🙂

    Reactie door Cable Ties — 18/07/2008 @ 14:06 | Beantwoorden

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