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Look what I made…

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I´m not a cardmaker….(I love to send cards (does that counts?) My mom makes (sorry mom) that horrible cards with the most ugly kitsch 3d images. Card making is not the first hobby that crosses my mind to do. So, I’m not a cardmaker… or should I say I never was?!

THE awesome talented cardmaking scrapper {Nancy} seems to inspire the complete scrapbooking world with her cards, including me 🙂 So I took out my supplies and spend a fun couple of days making a card! Here’s the result:


I made this for my mom, who was in a rehabilitation clinic because she had a stroke. Now she’s back home because of a huge benign tumor (for the Dutchies; een goedaardig gezwel). This Thursday it will be removed. Sooo keep you prayers up for my poor mom!


Edit: What is this with all the different fonts! Aargh! Should I get a blogspot blog? Pleas tell me!



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  1. Hey, leuk kaartje zeg! Enne ik zal duimen voor je moeder!

    Reactie door iris — 24/07/2008 @ 15:18 | Beantwoorden

  2. Hey ben ik weer. LOL

    Geen idee trouwens hoe dat komt met die verschillende lettertypes. Ben niet zo’n handige blogger…

    ik heb maar een stuk of 700 foto’s gemaakt in Kenia. Valt toch reuze mee niet, na 2 weken vakantie. Maar goed, genoeg om voorlopig te blijven scrappen. 😉

    Reactie door iris — 25/07/2008 @ 10:21 | Beantwoorden

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