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This is what you get when..

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..you let a six year old twin make a photo of you in front of the Texel lighthouse.

Texel was great, what a nice island there are a lot of activities for the whole family. But the highlight was, of course, the beach.  My BF M. and me took my second cousin twins (a boy and girl) a weekend there. And they loved to collect shells and make sandcastles. We went to Ecomare (the ‘zoo’ with all kind of seals) and eat a lot of ice creams! We took them out for ‘dinner’ (McDonalds, Pancakes and Fries) the whole weekend and they liked it soo much!

My camera is still lost in Canon-land (why does it have to take that long to fix (or replace) it!)
So I made a bunch of pictures with my moms shoot-and-point camera but quite a few are blurry.. To bad.. (we just HAVE to go to Texel next year! LOL)

Off to do some (more) laundry, get groceries, do some more laundry, make a quick card for my mom and visit her with my dad this afternoon in the hospital.


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  1. Hihi leuk die foto’s! Enne heerlijk gegeten. LOL!
    Klinkt inderdaad als een geslaagde vakantie!

    Sterkte nog met je moeder. Blij te horen dat het goed gegaan is.

    Ennnnnnnnnnn je hebt een AWARD! LOL!!! Check mijn blog maar even 😉

    Reactie door iris — 29/07/2008 @ 14:48 | Beantwoorden

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