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Just another manic Monday (on a Wednesday)

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This is how I feel. It hurts.
I don’t like my new job, no challenges, no fun.
I don’t like the office life at all.
What happened:A few years ago I quit an internship because I got panic attacks there. I went to a social worker and did a course about assertiveness. I found the greatest job and could finish my internship there. Three years later, they fired me. I couldn’t get a “vast contract”. I found a job after that at a courthouse, which I didn’t like at all. And now, just a few weeks later, the feelings of a panic attack return. Not often but they do.

Maybe it’s the stress also from my moms health (or lack of it) and me moving out to live together with M. Don’t know.

I just send an e-mail to al few pre-schools (peuterspeelzaal) in the neighborhood asking if I can visit them for a day, to see if that is something for me to do.

Any suggestions for the greatest job of my lifetime?
What do you do for a living?

Tomorrow (of tonight) a nicer post with some real scrapwork in it!


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  1. hé getver…
    Ga je zelf eens ff lekker snel verwennen…
    Jammer dat je je werk niet leuk vind…

    Reactie door Jackie — 07/08/2008 @ 13:35 | Beantwoorden

  2. Nou dat is geen vrolijk bericht! Hoop dat er snel dingen wat positiever worden!

    Reactie door iris — 10/08/2008 @ 23:05 | Beantwoorden

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