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Inspiration and keep missing DH

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No not Dear Hubby (to speak in real Scrap/blog-language)
But Desperate Housewives! Last Tuesday (and the one before) DH started a new season here in Holland. And wtf(!) I missed both episodes already! Have to find that online somewhere. Anyone a suggestion?

I found a “new” (the first post was in January 2007…) blog which I totally like. It’s called {Scrapjacked};
And I quote;

Pronunciation: ‘skrap’jak-ed Function: verb1 : to scrap-lift a kick butt scrapbooker and show them some mad props.2 a : to move or lift by or as if by a jack b : to raise the level of — usually used with up c : to take to task.

So long story short, we lift. We reinvent. We funk it up a bit. We pick a wonderful, talented scraper and take their style hostage for a week and come up with our own take on thier designs. Think of it as lifting with a twist.

They post new (so-called) jacks on the 1st and 15th of each month.
I really want to join and scrapjack too! But I don’t make any promises (I suck in that)
(A.k.a. failed card challenge from Emily Falconbridge and still not a single (okay maybe one) LO from the 52 challenges of Elsie! :-))

And, because no-one really related to me (like family and close friends read this!) reads my blog ~ let’s call it freedom of press ~ I have a *NEWSFLASH*:

M. and I are going to look at a house in my hometown.. Next month were gonna rent a place in my hometown but that’s a big waste of money so we really want to buy something. But it’s not really “fair” for the homeowner to say no at the last moment… Just have to wait and see. We found a house, which we really like, and is affordable! To bad that it has the ugliest bathroom you can imagine, but that’s a long-term plan… If we could buy the property of course!
Soo exiting.. It’s Friday so I’ll update then!

Off to do some work..

EDIT: Gonna post a new Let’s Go Etsy tonight!


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  1. I want to buy a house too!!
    We are going to look for a house next year.
    Jarno already promised a scraproom to me ^__^
    Good luck with the house! And Jacking 😉
    I’m not good with challenges either..

    Reactie door Mandy — 10/09/2008 @ 21:20 | Beantwoorden

  2. ooh meid, spannend! Ik ga voor jullie duimen hoor! Hou je blog in de gaten hoor!

    en nu snel mijn bed opzoeken want ik blijf bloggen!

    ps leuk! Scrapjacken!

    Reactie door iris — 11/09/2008 @ 23:12 | Beantwoorden

  3. Scrapjack is leuk hé, hihi
    Enne, hoe was het huis ??? is het wat geworden….

    en DH, van de week maar half gekeken..

    Reactie door jackie — 12/09/2008 @ 16:57 | Beantwoorden

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